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Home is here!

Post  hanner74 on December 12th 2008, 22:15

Yes, after all the waiting, Home is finally here! Just released on open public beta on Thurs Dec. 11, everyone can now access Home. Well it might take you a few tries, but you can! With the flood of people trying to get on yesterday the server had TONS of problems, it took me several hours before I was able to get connected, but once I was it was worth it. I will put up more about Home as I check it out more, so far I have redecorated my apartment a little, walked around to check out some stunning visuals(lots of advertisements for sony stuff,lol) and played a game of bowling. So be sure to check it out and they will hopefully have the initial bugs worked out for everyone to be able to get on, but remember it is really like the alpha stage at this point, anyhow see you @ Home.


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