Red Ring of Death

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Red Ring of Death

Post  hanner74 on August 24th 2008, 16:22

Well.... I have had my XBox 360 for 2.5 almost 3yrs. It was one of the original released 360's; for the last year I have been beating on it because the cd drive did not stay closed, and all the while I kept hearing about everyone getting the red rings, I never did, no matter how much I beat on my 360, no matter how much I played it, no matter what abuse I gave it, it kept playing. But I was awaiting the day.... I knew it would come, I just wasn't sure when, well.... on Friday night it happend... the red ring of death......

So this means more time on my PS3, I have now ordered my hard drive, and will be impatiently awaiting that to show up hopefully late this week, and then GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!


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