PS3 Exlcusive Announcement

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PS3 Exlcusive Announcement

Post  hanner74 on August 6th 2008, 08:21

The game was finally announced it is called Hardware 2 and is being developed by Incognito, Sony London Studios, and Sony Liverpool.
- Similar to the first Hardware you’ll be able to fight in tanks and jeeps, but this time around, bikes and helicopters are added into the fray. You can fully customize every part on your vehicle including color, items, weapons and more. The biggest change however are the environments: You can fight in a living and breathing world and you can destroy everything…you can even just kill your enemies by letting an apartment building crash into them. The damage will be unbelievable because everything is linked together, when you destroy a building it can crash onto another building and get damaged realistically. Decapitation of limbs, smashing people under buildings, or just being a happy guy that runs over people for a living is something that is normal in Hardware 2. Did I mention that they are hoping to have 50 vs 50? WOW! lol. You’ve got the basic stuff like Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, CTF and King of the Hill but you’ve also got several original game modes, making up a total of 14!
The online part will be very important and they are going to make sure that clan support is included. You can have a clan emblem, create your own tournaments, and build up your reputation. The reputation is something special. Some games encourage that you destroy buildings and kill innocent people…well, Hardware 2 is different. One should avoid it… you’ll need to make the decision whether your shot will be accurate enough or not, and if you’re wrong, you might kill 50 people! That’s what military is all about. The more ‘clean’ you play, the better your reputation will become. I for one cannot wait for more details about this game!

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