Soul Caliber IV Review

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Soul Caliber IV Review

Post  hanner74 on August 3rd 2008, 11:51

I rented Soul Caliber IV for the 360, its a pretty cool game. The 360 version has Yoda, and the PS3 version has Darth Vader. When the game first starts off loading up the main menu and so forth it has a pretty cheezy arcade feel to it that I didn't like, but when you get into the game it gets a little better. There is something like 35 different characters, although most of them are just different versions of the same people. Though my favorite part is the character creation, it is quite in depth, in fact the first time I did it, I did not like it, too much to play with, but after I understood what I was doing I really liked the character creation, basically you pick and person in the game and modify them, change hair and color, armor, weapons, colors of armor and weapons, voice, etc. and if you do it right you can end up with one bad a*s dude! lol The story mode feels a bit lacking to me, even though each character does have there own unique finish to the game, each story mode is only 5 stages long, so I have nearly beat everyones story line on normal difficulty in a few hours. there is also versus mode, and a tower mode that increases in difficulty as you go up or down it. All in all this is a pretty sweet game, I originally wanted to buy very badly, now I am happy with renting it perhaps until a price drop, or pick it up used. If you like fighting games, especially the Soul Caliber games, you will probably love this one. I just feel it is lacking in a few areas, but it is still fun and playable!

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