hey everyone

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hey everyone

Post  k2smooth on July 24th 2008, 15:13

I'm guessin i'm the newest member around here...i got a ps3 and thats it....i gotta a computer kinda it runs the internet and itunes and well thats all she can really do so thats all i make her do....i play COD4 online sometimes i play a lot of MLB the show 08 and Socom CA i also have civ rev, warhawk, burnout, and many other games that i dont really play much like nba 2k8 and i cant remember any more....i'm waiting mainly for socom and madden to come out....you can add me on the ps3 my id is k2smooth and also on socom CA my id is k2smooth


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Re: hey everyone

Post  hanner74 on July 24th 2008, 16:52

Welcome aboard, I will be doing profile updates this weekend. We try to post up alot of news, information, and reviews and such, but you can rant and rave about whatever you want, lol. so keep checkin back!


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