NCAA Football 09

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NCAA Football 09

Post  Gamerkid on July 24th 2008, 10:49

Wow if you like college football games this is the one to get. Not perfect yet (in my standards) because they don't have the historic rosters again, and no create a team. Other than that this game is great, for more than one reason. One thing the graphics are crystal clear and the players look great even on a SDTV. Another good thing about it is the Online (upgrade). I remember playing online on the others games, well I would play once or twice and be so upset about the lag that I wouldn't play it again. There is a little lag every once in awhile but nothing like it was. Three the computer is so much better, there is no more chucking the ball 50 yards and having a guy there, catch it, and run it in for 6. If you do that now you will either get lucky and catch it, or get it tipped, and worst of all intercepted. This leads on to the next improvement the ball physics. I remember playing 08 and the opponent would tip it and nothing would ever happen just the ball hit the ground or bounce off one or two guys, in 09 they tip it and it "floats" in the air more, its like the ball is actually filled with air instead of cement. For instance today I was playing and I threw the ball about 30 yards trying to get over my shoulder just enough head and all of a sudden it hits the corner backs helmet he comes back for it tips that and I catch it and he gets me. Wow, now its coming to being even smarter when throwing the ball. . More fluid movement, mascot mash up ( play with mascots), online profile where you can upload your movies to show the world, get points for playing the game to upgrade you avatar on the internet that shows up on the game screen. Custom sound for everything, for instance I could make Thriller play when I convert on a 3rd down, and In the club when I get a touchdown.oh, and I almost forgot Online dynasty, now play your dynasty with your friends online. I could rattle off all day about how much this game has improved in 1 YEAR but I will never be able to say everything I thought was better. I give it a 9 out of 10, There is more than 5 reasons to go get this game!!! If you have any questions about it ask, I will try to help you out.



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