Favorite System of All Time

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Favorite System of All Time

Post  hanner74 on July 11th 2008, 17:21

Hey guys, what is your favorite system of all time: mine is probably....SEGA GENESIS....yep definately I loved genessis!


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im going to have to go with the NES

Post  Gamerkid on July 11th 2008, 17:34

NES, for sure. Look at the span of games, if there was someone that did not like playing at least 20 of the NES games IDK what you were thinking. Of course it was only 8 bit but that 8 bits are where some of the most dominating game series of the time came from. Look at Super Mario Brothers, the top selling game in history, in my thought no one will ever beat that. Every once in awhile I will pop a game in and play some of the games I played in the past. I remember always playing Mike Tysons Punch-Out and I would be stuck on one stage for 2-3 days then finally figure out how to beat the guy. But my all time favorite game for the NES would be Contra.


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