Upcoming Downloadable Content

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Upcoming Downloadable Content

Post  hanner74 on February 18th 2009, 21:31

alot of games have downloadable content coming out this year, here is a few:
Fallout 3: (X360 and PC) 3 new DLC packs coming throughout 2009
Burnout Paradise: (PS3 and X360) the Party Pack updates your Burnout Paradise to the content included on The Ultimate Box.
Far Cry 2: (X360) 4 new multiplayer maps and 4 new weapons
Grand Theft Auto IV: (X360) The Lost and the Damned expansion
Gears of War 2: (X360) 2 new multiplayer map packs
Prince of Persia: (PS3, X360) new region called the Underground Palace
I believe Mirror's Edge also released DLC in January also...


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