Fight Night Round 4

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Fight Night Round 4

Post  hanner74 on February 8th 2009, 16:50

When the next gen consoles came out Fight Night Round 3 is what opened the door of potential. It showed just what kind of realism we had to look forward to. But now in preperation for Fight Night Round 4 the ante has been up'd a bit!
Details are scarce as the Summer 2009 release gets closer, but here is the gist:
There are at least a dozen venues from around the world, including more activity around the apron.
You wont land every punch clean and wont have every block perfect with the new attack system.
Also boxers' heads will have multiple collision zones resulting in different ways you can punish them.
The all new corner game wont have you using the analog, instead you will allocate points to boost your stamina, health, or facial damage between rounds.
Fight Night Round 4 will feature 40+ licensed fighters. Confirmed fighters so far by EA Sports: Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Ray Leonard,Winky Wright and Kourosh Tehrani.


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